Arri ALEXA35

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Arri ALEXA35 Ready to Shoot Set

- ALEXA 35 Camera, 4.6K S35 CMOS Sensor
- LPL Mount (LBUS), PL to LPL Adapter
- MVF-2 HDR EVF, B-Mount Battery Plate
- MXF/ARRIRAW & MXF/Apple ProRes 4444 XQ
- 17 Stops Dynamic Range
- Up to 4.6K 4608 x 3164, Cine License
- 15mm Studio/LWS Support, BUD-1 Dovetail
- Power Distribution Module PDM-1
- 1 Power Cable, 2 EVF Cables
- Motorized ND Filters, Compact Design

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Camera / Lenses and Camera Support / Audio / G-E/ Support/ Logistics Inventory
Snakebyte Productions and Entertainment Group, llc | CA-201428210373 | CAGE 8H2W4 | DUNNS 080379029

Camera and Support
Arri Alexa35
x1 - Arri Alexa35 - 15mm - READY TO SHOOT PACKAGE - Gold Mount
x1 - ALEXA 35 camera body
x1 - Alexa35 Cine35 License Package
x1 - Alexa35 Camera Body
x1 - ARRI LPL Mount (LBUS)
x1 - ARRI PL-to-LPL Adapter
x1 - Balance Utility Dovetail BUD-1
x1 - B-Mount Battery Adapter
x1 - Gold Mount to B-Mount 26v Backplate Adapter
x1 - Multi Viewfinder MVF-2
x2 - Cable VF Right Angle (0.5m/1.5ft)
x2 - Camera Power Cable Straight 2m/6.6inKC50
x1 - Power Distribution Module PDM-1
x1 - Production Support Set - Top
x1 - Center Camera Handle CCH-5
x1 - Viewfinder Mounting Bracket VMB-5
x1 - Square Accessory Sleeve SAS-1
x1 - Top Extension Bracket TEB-1
x1 - Low Mode Support LMS-4
x1 - Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-7
x1 - Articulated Mounting Plate AMP-1
x1 - Camera Side Bracket CSB-1R Extension
x1 - Camera Side Bracket CSB-1R
x1 - Camera Side Bracket CSB-1L
x1 - Bottom Dovetail Plate 300mm/12in
x1 - Compact Bridge Plate CBP-6 (15mm)
x1 - LMS-4 Low Mode Support
x1 - TEB-1 Top Extension Bracket

Arri ALEXA Mini LF
x2 - Arri ALEXA Mini LF - READY TO SHOOT PACKAGE - Gold Mount
x2 - Arri ALEXA Mini LF Camera Body (Large Format Sensor)
x2 - Arri SUP.7.03 License Package
x2 - Arri Alexa Mini LF MVF-2 Viewfinder
x2 - Arri ALEXA Mini/AMIRA Straight Power Cable
x2 - Arri Mini 15mm Reduction Insert for 19mm Rod
x2 - Arri Rod Mounting Bracket RMB-3
x2 - Arri Rear Accessory Bracket RAB-1
x2 - Arri Compact Bridge Plate CBP-1
x2 - Arri 19mm Shoulder Plate For ALEXA Mini
x2 - Arri Mini Side Bracket MSB-2 For ALEXA Mini
x2 - Arri CCH-2 Center Camera Handle
x2 - Arri MVB-1 Viewfinder Mounting Bracket for ALEXA Mini
X1 - Wooden Camera Arri Mini MVF1-2 Viewfinder Extender
x2 - Arri PL to LPL Lens Adaptor
x2 - ArriI LPL Lens Mount for ALEXA Mini / Amira x2
x1 - Arri 19mm (pairs) 24" Titanium Rods
x1 - Arri 19mm (pairs) 12” Titanium Rods
x1 - Arri 19mm (pairs) 9” Titanium Rods
x1 - Arri 19mm (pairs) 6” Titanium Rods
x1 - Arri 15mm (Pairs) 4” carbon Fiber Rods
x1 - Arri 15mm (Pairs) 4” Titanium Rods
x1 - Arri 15mm (Pairs) 6” Titanium Rods
x1 - Arri 15mm (Pairs) 9” Titanium Rods
x1 - Arri 15mm (Pairs) 12” Titanium Rods
x1 - Arri 15mm (Pairs) 18” Titanium Rods
x2 - Wooden Camera 15mm 2x 6” Steel Rods
x2 - Tilta Pro Handgrip RT
x2 - Tilta Pro Handgrip LFT
x2 - Tilta Pro Handgrip Bridge 19mm
x2 - Tilta Nucleus M Wireless Focus Control System w/ x3 Motors x18 Batteries x3 chargers
x2 - Wooden Camera UFF-1 Universal Follow Focus
x2 - Pelican 1500 WP case Yellow
x1 - CamRade Arri Alexa Mini LF Wetsuit System (5 piece kit)
x6 - Anton Bauer Dionic XT 240 26v Gold Mount Batteries
x10 - Anton Bauer Dionic XT 150 14v Gold Mount Batteries
x2 - Anton Bauer LP-4 Quad Charger (14v)
x1 - Anton Bauer LP-4+ Quad Charger (26v & 14v)
x3 - Anton Bauer LP-4 Charge Cable 120v
x2 - Wooden Camera 120v Arri A-Mini Power Splitting Box
x1 - Anton Bauer (Shark Fin) Hot Swap Battery Adapter

Alexa 35 and Mini LF Camera Media-DIT
x2 - Arri LF CODEX Card Reader
x8 - Arri LF CODEX 1 TB Cards
x3 - CODEX Compact Drive 2TB (CB16-2048)
x1 - CODEX Compact Drive Dock (TB3)
x1 - CODEX TB3 Cable
x2 - SanDisk 256GB EXTREME (Arri 4:3 Mini)
x1 - Card Case
x4 - 2TB Thunderbolt
x6 - 18TB Western Digital External Hard-drive
x1 - Apple Mac mini (M2)
x1 - Apple Magic Keyboard and Mouse Kit
x1 - HPz27 Monitor

Stick Kits
x2 - O'Connor 2560 Head
x4 - O’Connor 2560 150mm Ball Base
x2 - O’Connor 2560 Mitchell Base
x2 - 150mm Bowl Mount Tie Down Nut
x2 - Mitchell Tie Down Nut
x6 - O'Connor Rubber Foot
x2 - O'Connor Carbon Fibre Sticks - 150mm Bowl Mount
x2 - O'Connor Baby Sticks - 150mm (360lb payload)
x2 - O'Connor Ground Spreader (For baby Sticks)
x1 - Alan Gordon 150mm Bowl Mount High Hat
x1 - Proaim 150mm Bowl Mount High Hat - Low Hat

Camera Package Cases
x1 - InnerSpace - Arri ALEXA 35 Custom Case
x2 - InnerSpace - Arri ALEXA Mini LF Custom Case
x2 - Pelican 1500 WP Battery Case Black
x2 - Pelican 1500 Gold Mount Quad Mount Case Silver
x2 - RotoSKB Hard Case For Senior Tripod
x2 - RotoSKB Hard Case For Baby Tripod
x2 - Oakleigh Custom Flight Case for O'Connor 2560 Head

Arri LMB Pro 4x5.65 Full and Complete Matte Box Kit
x2 - Arri 4 x 5 LMB Matte Box 15/19mm LWS Pro Set
x2 - Arri 4 x 5 Basic Module
x10 - Arri Anamorphic matte for LMB-5/LMB-15/MB-19/LMB-25 Matte Box (set of 5)
x10 - Arri Mattes for LMB-25 and MB-19 (set of 5)
x2 - Arri Tilt/Flex Rubber Doughnut Adaptor
x2 - Arri 4 x 5 Swing Away Tilt Module
x4 - Arri LMB Flag Holders
x4 - Arri LMB 4 x 5 Side Flags (LFT/RT)
x2 - Arri Top Flag for LMB 4 x 5 Matte Box
x2 - Arri Non-Rotatable Filter Stage For LMB 4 x 5 Matte Box
x2 - Arri LMB Accessory Adapter
x2 - Arri 15mm LWS Console For LMB 4 x 5 x2 - Arri Clamp and Tilt/Flex Adapters
x2 - ARRI LMB 4x5 Lens Clamp Adapter (114mm)
x2 - ARRI LMB 4x5 Lens Clamp Adapter (110mm)
x2 - ARRI LMB 4x5 Lens Clamp Adapter (95mm)
x2 - ARRI LMB 4x5 Lens Clamp Adapter (87mm)
x2 - 1560 Desert WP Pelican Case
x2 - Sets - Arri Pro LMB 4x5.65 Diopter Trays +¼, +½, +1, +2, +3

x2 - Tiffen 4x5.65 Satin FULL Filter (w/ case)
x2 - Tiffen 4X5.65 Satin 1/2 Filter (w/ case)
x2 - Tiffen 4x5.65 Satin 1/4 Filter (w/ case)
x2 - Tiffen 4x5.65 Polarizer Filter(w/ case)
x2 - Tiffen 4x5.65 ND 0.3 Filter (w/ case)
x2 - Tiffen 4x5.65 Black Pro Mist 1/8 Filter (w/ case)
x2 - Tiffen 4x5.65 Black Pro Mist 1/4 Filter (w/ case)
x2 - Schneider 5 Filter Case

x2 - Lindsey Optics 4x5.65" Brilliant2 Tray Mount Diopter Close-Up Lens Set
     -> Includes - +1/4, +1/2, +1, +2 and +3 Diopter (138mm)

Media Transmission
x2 - Taradek Bolt 4K 12G-SDI 1500 TX/RX Set
x2 - Vaxis Storm 1000s Gold Mount 1:1 Transmitter - Receiver kit (cross compatible with 800s)
x2 - Vaxis Storm 800s Gold Mount 1:1 Transmitter - Receiver kit (cross compatible with 1000s)
x12 - BNC/D-Tap
x12 - 2pin lemo/D-Tap
x4 - 4pin Lemo/D-Tap
x4 - 1500 WP Case Black
x1 - SmallHD 703 UltraBright Monitor (On Camera or for FF)
x1 - SmallHD 703 UltraBright Monitor (W/Wooden Camera Directors cage and 14v backplate)
x1 - SmallHD Cine 7 (On Camera or for FF)
x1 - Noga Cine Arm – 6” NF HoldIt – 3/8"
x5 - Noga Cine Arm - 4” NF Holdit - 3/8”
x4 - 2 sets Noga QRB (Quick Release)
x1 - Arri Cine Lock Bracket
x1 - PortaBrace 700 Series Weather Shroud
x3 - Pelican 1500 for Small HD 700 series
x6 - BNC/SDI ThinLine 12”, 24”,
x6 - P-Tap Universal 3 stick switch (BeBob)
x1 - Wooden Camera 700 Series cage (Gold Mount)(For Small HD 703)
x1 - TV Logic LVM 170A Directors Multi Format Monitor
x1 - TV Logic LVM Open Face Case
x1 - TV Logic Power Cord 10’
x1 - TV Logic Open Rear and face case
x1 - FSI TV Logic Super Mount (For C stand, mounts the whole TV Logic kit to the stand)
x2 - HP Z27 DreamColor Coloring Monitor
x1 - DECIMATOR DMON-4S 4 x SD/HD/3G-SDI to HDMI Converter with Quad Multi-Viewer Function
x2 - 25’ SDI/BNC Cable
x2 - 50’ SDI/BNC Cable
x2 - 100’ SDI/BNC Cables
x1 - 1x4 HS HDMI Splitter box w/ AC Adapter
x1 - HS DP V1.2 cable 48"
x1 - HS HDMI to HDMI 48"
x1 - HS HDMI to VGA cable 48"
x1 - HS HDMI to Micro cable 48"
x1 - USB to HDMI Micro cable 48"
x1 - USB to Mini cable 36"
x1 - 30v USB to DPV cable 48"
x1 - TV Logic 12v power cable
x1 - GFI PowerStrip

Additional GoPro Support
x1 - GoPro Hero 9 Pro Kit Complete
x2 - Sandisk EXTREME 64GB
x2 - Batteries
x1 - Charger
x1 - Water Housing
x1 - Telescoping Stick (Bluetooth)
x1 - Pelican 1500 Case (Orange)

Lenses - Zoom - T2.8 Arri Signature Zoom Lens
x1 - 65-300mm with 1.7x Extender (ARRI LPL, Feet)
x1 - 24-75mm T2.8 Signature Zoom Lens with LPL Mount (Feet)
x1 - 16-32mm T2.8 Signature Zoom Lens with LPL Mount (Feet)

Lenses – FULL FRAME - (Neutral Flare) - T2.0 Atlas Orion Silver Edition Prime Anamorphic (Set #12 of only 100 being manufactured/released)
x1 - 32mm T2.0 Atlas Orion Silver Edition Anamorphic Prime Lens
x1 - 40mm T2.0 Atlas Orion Silver Edition Anamorphic Prime Lens
x1 - 50mm T2.0 Atlas Orion Silver Edition Anamorphic Prime Lens
x1 - 65mm T2.0 Atlas Orion Silver Edition Anamorphic Prime Lens
x1 - 80mm T2.0 Atlas Orion Silver Edition Anamorphic Prime Lens
x1 - 100mm T2.0 Atlas Orion Silver Edition Anamorphic Prime Lens
x2 - ATA 3 Lens, A and B cases
x1 - Atlas 1.6 LF Expander (LPL/PL) For Arri Alexa Mini LF
x1 - Atlas 1.6 LF Extender (PL/PL) For all PL Mount Cameras

Lenses - Prime Full Frame - ARRI Signature Prime Full Frame 6-Lens Core Set (LPL) (call for availability)
x1 - 8mm T1.8 ARRI Signature Prime (LPL)
x1 - 29mm T1.8 ARRI Signature Prime (LPL)
x1 - 35mm T1.8 ARRI Signature Prime (LPL)
x1 - 47mm T1.8 ARRI Signature Prime (LPL)
x1 - 75mm T1.8 ARRI Signature Prime (LPL)
x1 - 125mm T1.8 ARRI Signature Prime (LPL)

Sigma Cine Art Full Frame, High-Speed Primes with Cooke-I Protocol (Originated by ARRI for the Mini LF)
x1 - T-2 14mm Sigma Art Full Frame High-Speed Cine Prime w/ Cook-I Protocol
x1 - T-1.5 20mm Sigma Art Full Frame High-Speed Cine Prime w/ Cook-I Protocol
x1 - T-1.5 24mm Sigma Art Full Frame High-Speed Cine Prime w/ Cook-I Protocol
x1 - T-1.5 35mm Sigma Art Full Frame High-Speed Cine Prime w/ Cook-I Protocol
x1 - T-1.5 50mm Sigma Art Full Frame High-Speed Cine Prime w/ Cook-I Protocol
x1 - T-1.5 85mm Sigma Art Full Frame High-Speed Cine Prime w/ Cook-I Protocol
x1 - T-2 135mm Sigma Art Full Frame High-Speed Cine Prime w/ Cook-I Protocol
x1 - Pelican 1615 Case

Spectrometer/Light Reading/CT
x1 - Sekonic C-800-U

Dollys & Fisher Dolly
x1 - Fisher Model 10 Dolly
x1 - 4-way Level Head
x1 - Hand Screw
x1 - Small Seat
x1 - Large Seat
x1 - Push Posts
x1 - Low SideBoards
x1 - Front Boards
x1 - High SideBoard (left)
x1 - High SideBoard (right)
x1 - Carry Handles
x1 - Power Cord
x1 - Front Pins
x1 - Knee Bumper
x1 - Allen Wrenches
x1 - Pneumatic Tires (large)
x1 - Pneumatic Tires (small)
x1 - Battery Box
x1 - Small Seat

Matthews Round D Dolly
x1 - Matthews Round-D-Round Doorway Dolly
x1 - Matthews Round D Round Doorway Dolly Seat
x1 - Matthews Round D Round DoorWay Dolly Secondary Offset Arm/Post (Adjustable)
x1 - Matthews PN 377702 24-39" Telescoping Bazooka (Elemac)
x1 - Matthews 14” Swivel Offset Arm (Elemac)
x1 - Matthews Mitchel Risers (12” and 6”) (Elemac)
x1 - Elemac Male, To Elemac Dolly Plate
x1 - ProAim Skate Wheels
x1 - 4’ Matthews Steel Straight Dolly Track
x3 - 8’ Matthews Steel Straight Dolly Track
x2 - 10’ Matthews Steel Straight Dolly Track
x2 - 21’r x 8’ Mattews Steel “Curved” Dolly Track

Camera Rig
x1 - ProAim FlyCam FloLine 750N 44lb Capacity EasyRig System
x1 - ProAim FloLine Placid Serenity Arm
x1 - ProAim QRB Release (Stainless)
x1 - ProAim FlyCam FlyBag

Audio Inventory
x1 - ZOOM F8n Portable 10 Track Field Recorder
x4 - SDXC Card Slots
x1 - Built-in Slate Microphone
x8 - AA Battery Vessel
x1 - AC, External DC Adaptor
x1 - SMPTE Timecode I/O 1x +24V/+48V Phantom Power
x1 - Zoom F-Control External Equalizer/Mixer Panel
x2 - 25' XLR Cables 1x Zoom PCF-8n Protective Case
x1 - RODE NTG5 Short Shotgun WP Microphone
x1 - RODE PG2-R Anti Vibration Shotgun Mount
x1 - RODE TigerTail WS10 Windshield
x1 - RODE Foam Windshield
x1 - PG2-R Pro Cable
x1 - ZPI Mic Pouch
x1 - K-Tek Avalon KE-89CC w/ internal xlr Expansion Cable
x1 - Sachtler SN-605 HD Harness
x1 - Sachtler SN-605 Cinch Sack

8K – 360 Degree Shooting
x1 - Insta360 Pro II Spherical VR 360 8K Camera with FarSight Monitoring
x1 - FarSight 360° Transmitter
x1 - FarSight 360° Receiver
x1 - 5000mAh Battery
x1 - Insta360 PT854291-2S Pro Battery Pack
x1 - 12 VDC 5A Power Adapter
x1 - USB Type-C Data Cable
x1 - Ethernet Cable (3.2')
x1 - USB Ethernet Network Adapter
x1 - Cleaning Cloth
x1 - Protective Lens Cover
x1 - Tripod Mount Base Stand

Drone and Support
x1 - DJI Mini 3 4k Drone with Smart Controller
x1 - Controller
x1 - Smart Controller
x3 - Intelligent Flight Battery
x1 - Battery Charger
x1 - AC Power Cable
x6 - Pairs of Low-Noise Propellers
x1 - Gimbal Protector
x1 - USB Type-C Cable
x1 - Pair of Control Sticks
x1 - ND Filter Set (ND4/8/16/32)
x1 - Battery Charging Hub
x1 - Battery-to-Power Bank Adapter
x1 - Shoulder Bag
x1 - SanDisk 256GB Extreme UHS-I microSDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter
x1 - Nanuk Waterproof case

x1 - 1x2 Westcott Flex Cine RGBWW-LED Flex Mat-Full Kit, Remote: 3500 lux at 1 meter', remote, 150 presets, Lee Green/Magenta balance presets, 50 Lee Technicals, IP64 water-resistance, magnetic and velcro mount, 5/8 Baby Pin mount and Yoke, Scrim Jim, Softbox, Snapgrid, 1/4, 1/2, full, grid, polyskirt, magnetic and velcro mount, 1.8 lbs, flicker free - 980fps.

x2 - S2 LiteGear Litemat 2L Hybrid: Polyskirt, Quarter, Half, and Full Diffusion, Parasquare Louver, 2L LiteMount, 2L KitBag, LiteDimmer Pro Hybrid, LitePower Supply w/ c-14 connector, S2 LiteMat - 40% brighter than the original LiteMat, CRI 95+, TLCI 95.

x2 - Arri M40: HMI System with HMI Head, Cable, Barndoors, Ballast, 2,500 or 4,000W single-ended HMI lamp, A 50' head cable, 4 leaf barndoor set and multi-voltage ballast are included along with the M40 head.

x2 - Arri S60-C Skypanel: 11,200 lux, Chimera Litebank w/ 1/4, 1/2, full nylon diff, DoPChoice Snapgrid, Speed Ring, Ballast, cables, Arri Remote, Ballast Mount, Intensifier panel, Clear Panel, Tenba Case.

x2 - Arri Orbiter Full Kit: This ARRI Orbiter Combination Set includes the Orbiter fixture with a manual yoke as well as 15, 30, and 60° lenses. Also included is a control panel with a 16.4' remote cable, a power cord with a switch, and two sets of 4-way barndoors. A wheeled hard case stores and transports the light and accessories, and a soft-sided bag is provided for the lenses.

x1 - Arri S 360c: LED Softlight, 2800-10000K Color Temperature, Manual Mount, Standard Diffusion, Bare Ends, Blue & Silver, Enormous Aperture, over 120,000 lumens, Wireless DMX, Built In.

x1 - Arri 18-80: Features a powerful HMI lamp head with a 24.5" Fresnel lens, a 12/18kW electronic ballast with Active Line Filter and DMX support, four-leaf barndoors, filter frame, and a 50' head to ballast cable. The daylight-balanced lamp is capable of outputting up to 18,000 watts and works from 190-250 VAC with the use of the ballast.

x2 - Rayzr 7 MC MAX400 RGB/WW/CW 1x2 Panel: Includes barndoors - 10600 lux 1 meter, 98.7% tlci/cri 97% - HSI values Manipulation (Hue angle, Saturation, Intensity), x/y coordinates, RGBWW values + 300 built-in gels, Lee Colors, Lee Technicals, +/- Green/Magenta Manipulation, 1/4, 1/2, honeygrid, Intensifier - TRUE WHITE BALANCE.

x2 - RAYZR Soft Box, 1/4 diff, 1/2 diff, full diff, grid

x15 - Nanlite Mixpanel 150 RGBWW - With DMX remote and App DMX Transmitter Relay: 2700-7500K, CRI98, TLCI95, 12144 lumens at 7500k, 5600k 1051fc/11320lux @ 1mtr, DMX, Remote, 150w W/Barn doors

x6 - Nanlite Mixpanel 150 Softbox: Hard & Soft Light Function
x2 - Aputure LS 600d PRO Daylight: Includes Fresnel10, Phottix 105 raja Parabolic 41" With Diff and Grid, Bounce Plate, Cases x3, Barn doors
x4 - Aputure MC LED RGBW 4 light kit and case: Includes Diffusers, MC Charging Case

x4 - Nanlite PavoTube 30c: Includes x2 Sync Cables, x1 D-Tap to 5.5mm DC Cables, x1 PavoTube Holder swivel ball pin to 5/8 baby pin to - With Grids

x4 - Nanlite PavoTube 15c: Includes x2 Sync Cables, x1 D-Tap to 5.5mm DC Cables, x1 PavoTube Holder swivel ball pin to 5/8 baby pin to -With Grids

x4 - Aputure Accent B7c LED RGBWW Practicals Light Bulb

x8 - Elation ELAN 108 RGBW LED Par Cans
x1 - M8 Arri HMI Par: 575-800 Arri Electronic Ballast, Ballast Cable, Scrims
x2 - M18 Arri HMI Par: 1200-1800 Arri Electronic Ballast, Ballast Cable, Scrims

x2 - AS-18 Arri HMI Par: Full Kit, Lenses, 1200 Mirror Dish, M18 Dish, Lense kit, Power Gem 1200-1800 Electronic Ballast, Spare 1200 Lamp, 1800 Lamp

x3 - 200w Inkie Fresnels: Mole Richardson

x4 - 650w Fresnels: ARRIFLEX/MOLE
x1 - 1K Arriflex
x2 - 1K Baby Fresnels: Mole Richardson
x2 - 1K Baby-Baby Fresnel: Mole Richardson
x2 - 1K Open Face Mickey Moles: Mole Richardson
x2 - 2K 8" Jr Fresnels: Mole Richardson
x2 - 2K Mighty Mole Open Face: Mole Richardson
x2 - 5K Baby Sr. Fresnels: Mole Richardson
x3 - 1K Nook Lights
x6 - Source-4 Pars w/ lens sets
x6 - Source-4 Ellipsoidals 26-50 degree
x4 - Additional Ellipsoidals lenses (19, 36, 50 degree)
x1 - Source-4 25-50 zoom ellipsoidal
x1 - Source-4 iris 19deg

x1 - 22" Jem Ball Tungsten System w/ Tungsten Harp, Mogul base Socket, Spring Ball-1000w: Includes x1 Bleached Muslin Ball Material, x2 1000w Halogen Single Ended lamps, (DKZ/DSE -Q1000PS5).

x1 - 30" Jem Ball Tungsten System w/ Tungsten Harp, Mogul base Socket, Spring Ball-1500w: Includes x1 Unbleached Muslin Ball Material, x2 1500w Halogen Single Ended lamps-Spares (DKZ/DSE -Q1500PS5).

x1 - Chimera Medium Quartz Bank w/ 10" ring

x1 - Chimera Small Video Pro w/ 7.25" ring
x3 - 1800w SE HMI lamp
x2 - 1200w SE HMI Lamp
x2 - 800w SE HMI lamp
x1 - SPARE BOX New Globes: per globe
x1 - DPY 500W
x2 - CYX 200W
x2 - FEY 200W
x2 - EGT 1000W
x2 - FCM 1000W
x2 - DXW 1000W
x2 - FRK/CP89 650W
x1 - HPL 750W
x2 - HPL 575W
x2 - FEV 200W

x3 - 4’ 4-bank heads w/ plates, cables, ballast

x6 - 4' 2-bank empty head, with plate
x1 - 2’ 4-bank head w/ plate, cable, ballast
x2 - 4’ 2-Bankheads w/ plates, cables, ballasts
x2 - 2’ 2-Bank heads w/ plates, cables, ballast
x2 - 4’ 1-bank heads w/ plates, cables, ballasts
x1 - 2’ 1-bank head w/ plate, cable, ballast
x4 - spare harnesses, 2’ / 4’
x18- 4’ spares - Daylight/Tungsten
x10 - 2’ spares - Daylight/Tungsten

x1 - Backstage Super DuzAll Cart
x1 - Backstage Head Cart
x2 - Uline Folding Aluminum Dolly Cart-w/ tilt mode
x2 - Flat Dolly Steel Cart-w/ tilt mode
x1 - Backstage Super Duz-All
x2 - Backstage Cable and Sandbag Cart
x2 - Custom Platform Speed Cart
x1 - Backstage 36" Junior Cart - Tripod Holder, Dovetail Mount, Tripod Holder
x1 - Backstage 48” Senior Cart - Tripod Holder
x3 - Matthews Camera Cart Umbrella with Mount- junior to baby

x30 - Motorola RDU (RDU4061D)
x4 - Motorola Multi Unit 6 pack charger (RLN 6309)
x30 - Motorola HKLN4601 Single Wire Surveillance Earpiece with In-Line Mic and PTT
x6 - Extended Battery Ultra Capacity Lithium Ion (RLN 6308)
x1 - Sabrent 60W 10-port Fast Charger

x1 - HD Multi Configuration Vehicle Camera Mt - Matthews Super Mount/Drop-Down Roof Mount: up to 90lb cam/lighting support, supports blackarm, tranquility plate, camera / gimbal, anywhere on vehicle, mounts static on vehicle, 360degree, 6”-13’6” from roadway

x6 - Alan Gordon Super Junior Grips 6"

x4 - Alan Gordon Super Junior Grips 4"
x1 - MATTHEWS MAX MENACE: Includes Weight
x1 - Fisher 10 Dolly w/ Cross Arm & Fisher 22 Jib: Model 10 Camera Dolly, Model 22 Jib Arm & Crossarms
x1 - Matthews Round D Round Doorway Dolly: Incl. Round D Dolly Seat, Offset Arm, Adjustable Post
x1 - Centipedes (32 wheels)
x8 - 1.25" Speed Rails Super Mount/Dana Dolly - (4)12', (4)10', (4)8' (6)6', (4)4', (4)3', (4)2', (4)18"
x2 - Dana Dolly Premium Dolly System with Track Ends
x1 - Dana Dolly Premium Dolly System with Track Ends-DUAL INVERT MOUNT SYSTEM

x4 - Honda, EU 6500 Generator - With 60AMP BATES Conversion and Rolling Cage
x2 - Honda 3K Generator

x1 - Luma Portable Evaporative Cooler - 1650CFM (EC220W)

x1 - MATTHEWS MAX MENACE: Includes Weight
x2 - Matthews MINI Menace Arms: Includes x2 Tie Downs Each
x42 - C-Stands with gobo heads & arms (4 low)
x4 - C-Stands - Low "Gary Colemans"
x5 - Hi-Hi roller stands with lollipops
x3 - Mombo Combo Stands with lollipops-Daddy Long Legs (Request Matthews Rock-N-Roller All Terrain Wheels)
x3 - Matthews Hi-Hi Roller (21'-9")
x11 - Jr Stands
x9 - Jr Combo Rolling Stands
x4 - Jr Low Boy Stands
x2 - Jr Rolling Impact Low Boy Stands
x2 - 8' Telescoping Baby Infinity Arms-Junior Mount
x8 - Beefy Baby Stands
x6 - Baby Kit Stands
x2 - Preemie Babies
x7 - Baby Side Arms
x12 - Baby Pipe-Clamps
x6 - Jr Pipe Clamps
x6 - Baby C-Clamps 6"-8"
x4 - Jr C-Clamps 6"-8"
x4 - Small C-Clamps
x6 - Furniture Bar Clamps with Baby Slider Spuds
x8 - Maffer Clamps
x4 - Cardellini Clamps
x4- Matthellini Clamps
x8 - Scissor Clamps
x8 - Speed Rail- x4 4', x4 6', x4 8' x4 10', x4 12', x4 20'
x4 - swivel clamps
x8 - 90 clamps
x25 - misc grid fittings and couplings, y's, bases, etc-Crate
x4 - Speed Rail Clamps With ears
x4 - 20x Speed Rail Connectors

x6 - Baby Nail On Plates
x4 - Jr Nail On Plates
x3 - Jr Baby Adapters (1 swivel)
x6 - Jr Lollipops (Large Gobo Heads)
x2 - Baby Combo 8' Boom Arms
x6 - Baby Extensions - 12" and 24"
x6 - Junior/Baby Adaptors
x30 - Gobo Heads
x22 - Long Arms with Gobo Heads
x11 - Short Arms with Gobo Heads
x8 - Baby Risers (12"-24")
x7 - Baby Side Arms
x2 - Jr/Baby Sliding Offset-Arms
x4 - Jr. 45-degree offset
x2 - Baby Triple Headers 24" rack
x3 - 3-way Baby Spud Stars
x2 - Arri Baby Articulating Arms
x2 - 2x4 temporary splicers
x2 - 2x4 wall spreader sets
x1 - Polecat 8'-12'
x1 - MatthPole
x25 - Wire Safety's
x6 - Baby Spuds
x14 - Apple Box Set (Full, 1/2, 1/4)
x8 - Pancakes
x2 - Crates of Wedges/Cribbing
x50 - Sandbags (x11 35's) (x39 15-20's)
x44 - Grip Clips
x12 - Sound Blankets

x1 - 6x6 frameset -w/Syn-Silk, 1/4 Silk, Single, Doubt Nets, Solid Black, B&W Griffon, Gold, Silver, Checkers, UnBleached Muslin, Bleached Muslin, Ultra Bounce, Hi-Lite

x2 - 8x8 frameset -w/Syn-Silk, 1/4 Silk, China Silk Single, Double Nets, Solid Black, B&W Griffon, Gold, Silver, Checkers, Ultrabounce, Bleached Muslin, Hi-Lite

x1 - 12 X 12 frameset -w/ China silk, Syn silk,¼ silk, Single & Double Nets, Solid Black, B&W Griffon, Ultra bounce, Hi-Lite

x1 - 20 X 20 frameset-w/Solid Black, B&W Griffon, ¼ Silk, China Silk Double Net, Bleached muslin, Ultra Bounce

x4 - 48x48 solid flags

x9 - 48x48 floppies
x3 - 48x48 Muslin floppy (Top Hinge): x2 bleached & x1 unbleached
x3 - 48x48 Ultrabounce 3 side Floppies (Media Tent): add x1 Ultrabounce regular top hinge floppy
x2 - 24x72 solid flags
x2 - 18x48 solid flags
x5 - 48x48 open frames
x3 - 42x42 open frames
x2 - 48x48 single net
x2 - 48x48 double net
x2 - 48x48 Silks, Celo Cucoloris
x6 - 24x36 flags
x6 - 18x24 flags
x3 - 24x36 set (sgl,dbl, silk)
x3 - 18x24 sets (sgl,dbl,silk)
x2 - 18x24 lavenders
x2 - 24x36 open frames
x3 - 24x36 cookies (cello)
x2 - 18x24 cookies (cello/wood)
x1 - Set dots (18pcs: 3”,6”,9”)
x1 - Set Fingers (18pcs: 3”,6”,9”)
x1 - Set Stamps (6pcs: 10x12)
x7 - 42x42 Matthews Reflector "shiny board" (4 silver, 2 gold,1 mirror)
x40 - 30x30 showcards (10 silver, 10 gold, 10 white, 10 black)
x20 - Foam Core black/white 4x8
x10 - Foam Core White
x1 - Flexfill (silver) 30"
x4 - 12x12 mirrors
x1 - French Flag

x6 - Directors Chair
x3 - Folding Chairs
x2 - Folding Table

x2 - 4' fiberglass 2 step ladder
x2 - 6' fiberglass 2 step ladder
x1 - 8' fiberglass 2 step ladder
x1 - 10' fiberglass step ladder
x1 - 12' fiberglass step ladder
x1 - 28' fiberglass extension ladder

x3 - 10’ 12/3 Edison extension cords
x15 - 25’ 12/3 Edison extension cords (4 X 14/3)
x15 - 50’ 12/3 Edison extension cords
x3 - 100’ 12/3 Edison extension cords
x2 - 100' TL Edison extension cords
x1 - 600 amp Camloc Tie-In Kit w/ bare ends & lugs
x1 - 300/600amp Cam Lock Shutoff Box w/ fuses
x5 - #2 banded Cam Lock feeder cable (3- phase)
x1 - 3-phase flow-thru Cam Lock distro box w/ 100 &60amp bates out
x1 - 2-phase flow-thru Cam Lock distro box w/ 100 &60amp bates out
x3 - 50’ 100amp bates extension
x2 - 25’ 100amp bates extension
x1 - 10’ 100amp bates extension
x1 - 40amp duplex splitter
x1 - 60amp Gang Splitter
x1 - 100 amp Gang Splitter
x3 - 100amp lunchpails (5X20amp edisons)
x2 - 25’ 60amp bates extensions
x3 - 50’ 60amp bates extensions
x1 - Bates 60 Amp Pigtail 6 gang, Fused
x1 - Bates 60 Amp Splitter
x7 - 20amp pin-edison adaptors
x1 - 1K variac dimmer
x3 - 1K solid state dimmers/squeezers

x5 - 10' Camloc extensions
x5 - Camloc Turnarounds
x1 - 220V Camloc-Bates Snake Bite
x2 - 30amp - 20amp Trailer Adapter
x1 - Set 80amp Cam Lock-Bare ends
x1 - Set 100amp Cam Lock-Bare ends
x1 - Set 100amp Tric-Camloc tie-ins
x1 - Set 200 amp Lug-Camloc tie-ins
Misc - Fuses, Breakers, B-Taps, Gloves (per QTY)

x1 - 4' Matthews Dolly Track
x3 - 8' Matthews Dolly Track
x2 - 10' Matthews Dolly Track
x2 - 8' Curved Matthews Dolly Track (20' Dia)

x40 - 1/4, 1/2, Full CTOs, CTBs, +Greens,- Greens, 40+Black scrim, N.15, N3, N6, N9,N1.2Opal, 250, 216, 251, ham,1/2
tough spun, 1000H paper, ½ & full grid cloth, ¼ & ½ tough spun,103 straw, 1/4 straw, 1/2 straw, 101 yellow, 104 deep
amber, 385 light amber, 158 deep Orange, cosmetic rouge, moss green, true blue, moonlight blue, chocolate: Expendables by Quantity

x80 - Gelly roll assorted sheets theatrical gel: Expendables by Quantity

x75 - Gelly roll: Assorted Sheets Color Correction: Expendables by Quantity
x25 - Gelly roll: Assorted Sheets: Diffusion: Expendables by Quantity
x8 - Assort tape roles: 2” & 1” : gaffers, paper, safety: Expendables by Quantity
x8 - Sheets foam core w/w, b/w: Expendables by Quantity
x12 - B&W, Silver, Gold showcards: Expendables by Quantity
x4 - Rolls blackwrapopen (12” & 24”): Expendables by Quantity
x1 - Fun Box w/ sprays, pins, C-47s, cleaners: Expendables by Quantity
x3 - 100' spot sash: Expendables by Quantity
x1 - 8' roll Duvet: Expendables by Quantity
x2 - Roll Visqueen Black Plastic: Expendables by Quantity
x15 - Sheets Layout Board: Expendables by Quantity
x40 - 30x30 showcards (10 silver, 10 gold, 10 white, 10 black): Expendables by Quantity
x20 - Foam Core black/white 4x8: Expendables by Quantity
x10 - Foam Core White 4x8: Expendables by Quantity
x10 - Foam Core White 4x4: Expendables by Quantity
x1 - Flexfill (silver) 30": Expendables by Quantity
x1 - Box photo floods and practicals: Expendables by Quantity
x40 - 2x4 lumber x 16': Expendables by Quantity
x40 - 2x4 lumber x 10': Expendables by Quantity

PRODUCTION DESIGN (set Construction Floor Panel Systems)
x18 - 4/4 - 4x8 3/4" Floor panels
x30 - 2/3 4x8 Wall Panels
x10 - Diagonal 1/2 Panels (Gables)
x6 - High Diagonal 1/2 Panels (Gables)
x4 - 4/4 - 4x8 Wall Panels w/ Door
x4 - 4/4 - 4x8 Wall Panels w/ Window
x1 - Roof System
x1 - Set Construction, Split Level Location 2 Room Offset, Homestead House W/Porch, 2 Offset roof Gables, Board/Batt Construction, Exterior Wainscoat: includes labor, material, add for paint

x1 - 2022 Ford Transit F350 HD XL HR S4X Camera Van 2 ton: Rate + $.88/Mile
x1 - 2023 Ford F150 4x4 Crew XLT Lariat: Rate + $.88/Mile
x1 - 2019 Ford F750 Super Duty 6.7ltr 300HP (5 Ton), 7'x8' Dhollandia Lift, Air Suspension, Jockeys w/ LED, Expendables, Tools and Equipment, Shore Power, x6 Baja Design Work Lights, xlt Model Interior/Exterior: Rate + $1.25/Mile


Snakebyte Productions' video marketing and independent filmmaking services provides everything from: equipment, support, and locations needed to complete any production of any size. Our client-focused services have earned us numerous awards and cemented us as a premier, full-service, video & film production suite.



Featured Camera

Arri ALEXA35 camera

ALEXA 35: The New Super35 Gold Standard
ARRI once again raises the bar for digital cinema capture with the ALEXA 35, a Super35-format camera boasting a new 4:3 4K.6 sensor that delivers 2.5 of additional dynamic range, improved performance in low light, and richer, more accurate color reproduction. This 15mm Studio ALEXA 35 Production Set combines the ALEXA 35 camera with a Cine License, both an LPL mount and a PL to LPL adapter, a B-mount battery plate, a PDM-1 Power Distribution Module, a cage-type set with 15mm studio and 15mm LWS rod supports, a baseplate, and a dovetail. Compact and easy to operate, the ALEXA 35 offers both MFX/ARRIRAW and MFX/Apple ProRes capture to 1 or 2TB Codex drives with resolutions up to 4.6K and frame rates up to 120p.
Video Recording Formats
In-camera down-sampling and anamorphic de-squeezing enable the ALEXA 35 to offer a robust array of 19 ARRIRAW and Apple ProRes recording formats with different resolutions, data rates, aspect ratios, and other factors, suiting the camera to a range of production styles. Recording resolutions include 4.6, 4, 3.3, 3, 2.7, and 2K options.
Stray Light Suppression
Stray-light suppression technology is used in both the camera and the new ARRI PL (Hirose or LBUS) lens mounts to deliver the full contrast range from your choice of lenses while eliminating any grayish tones.
High ISO Camera
With an EI of 160 to 6400, the ALEXA 35 offers higher sensitivity and lower noise than ever before in the ARRI lineup, even in low-light settings. An optional Enhanced Sensitivity Mode (EI 2560-6400) works with the camera's wide dynamic range to produce nuanced images in darker environments and is ideal for impromptu or available-light capture.
REVEAL Color Science
The ALEXA 35 expands your creative control options using the new REVEAL color science, color matching with existing ARRI cameras, and multiple Texture Files that bestow an ability to select looks akin to choosing a film stock, both during capture and in post-production. Created with the input of both cinematographers and colorists, ARRI’s REVEAL color science employs six factors to create improved color, contrast, sensitivity, and dynamic range.
  • A new debayering algorithm combines with the ALEXA 35’s impressive processing power to create cleaner-edged images that are perfect for compositing work.
    The new ACE4 color engine converts RGB image data into the ARRI Wide Gamut color space (AWG4), producing more accurate colors and improving color saturation and tracking, even with subtle tones and lower light levels.
  • The AWG4 camera color space is larger than Rec. 2020 but bypasses "virtual" colors that are outside the human visual spectrum, providing faster grading, easier color space conversion, and compatibility with the ACES system.
  • A new Log-C 4 tonal curve enables the ALEXA 35’s larger 17-stop dynamic range; note that the Log-C 4 look appears darker before conversion to Rec. 709 or another color space.
  • New LUTs use the improved sensor, color space, and Log-C 4 to produce optimal shadow tonality, color fidelity, and color-grading base. These new LUTS must be used with Log-C 4; they do not offer the manual control that some used with Log-C 3.
  • The ALEXA 35 offers backward compatibility for intercutting with ALEXA, ALEXA Mini, and AMIRA images, and the ALEXA Mini LF and ALEXA LF images may be processed via REVEAL to match your ALEXA 35 footage. Processed images will not offer the higher dynamic range nor ARRI Textures but will have cleaner edges, better color, easier grading, and ACES, Log-C 4, and new LUT compatibility.
Versatile Lens Choices
  • This Production Set comes with an LBUS LPL mount and a PL to LPL adapter, providing compatibility with a wide array of cine-style lenses.
  • Additional lens mount adapters are available separately, offering access to a vast selection of existing modern and vintage lenses in spherical, anamorphic, Super35, and large-format options.
  • The ALEXA 35 is compatible with all common metadata standards and can stream metadata in real time using an optional plug-in.
Full Feature Set in a Compact Form
At 8 x 6 x 5.8", the ALEXA 35's compact, rugged form is similar to that of the ALEXA Mini, but it incorporates the features of the larger ALEXA camera. Although housed in a compact form, the ALEXA 35 camera incorporates a full feature set, including a left-side display, independent SDI outputs, audio inputs, motorized ND filters, two wireless radios, and 12/24V accessory ports. Assistants and operators will appreciate familiar features like a simple menu structure, recording to 1 or 2TB Codex Compact drives, and a temperature-resistant, splash- and dust-proof housing. Updates include the addition of HDR viewing with the MVF-2 viewfinder, adjustable SDI text overlay, the ability to turn individual frame lines on and off, and Info Panels that present camera information in an easy-to-read form.
  • Left display: The new left-side display is ideal for stabilizer, drone, and crane use, enabling you to view the status and change settings without having an EVF attached. You can even select the ND filter setting to show as the display "screensaver", creating a quick visual reminder for any stop compensation needed.
  • Connectors: The right side of the ALEXA 35 offers a full interface, including a second EVF port, two 1.5/3/6/12G-SDI outputs with a return option on the second one, timecode in/out, and both 12 and 24V accessory output ports.
  • Ethernet: An Ethernet port offers real-time streaming of metadata for use in mixed-reality productions (MRP).
Audio Options
The ALEXA 35's audio options include two internal microphones like the ALEXA Mini LF, one 6-pin LEMO input, one 3.5mm headphone jack, embedded SDI audio, and compatibility with the AEM-1 audio module.
Dedicated Accessories
  • Mechanical accessories in this 15mm Production Set include dedicated top, side, and bottom components like an EVF support, a top plate and top handle, a bridge plate adapter, side brackets, and a baseplate and dovetail system.
  • Electronic accessories include the Multi Viewfinder MVF-2 and PDM-1 power distribution module, which are part of this set, and the separately available AEM-1 audio extension module with one AES3/AES42 and two mic/line mini-XLR inputs.
24V B-Mount Battery Power
The 24V ALEXA 35 camera can be powered using the included ARRI B-Mount battery adapter and separately available batteries. The versatile B-Mount system can also power both 12 and 24V accessories, saving you the weight and space required when using two separate batteries. Third-party adapters from Anton Bauer, Hawk-Woods, and CORE SWX can be used with compatible 26V batteries. A PDM-1 Power Distribution Module is also available separately for adding seven more accessory power ports.
ARRI Tools and Apps
Make capture and post-production easier with the range of free tools, apps, and tutorials found on the ARRI website. Use the Camera Companion app for single or multicamera remote control, the ARRIRAW HDE Transcoder for reducing ARRIRAW file sizes, and the ARRI Reference tool to create and look at files for SDR and HDR conversions and to export Apple ProRes, OpenEXR, and TIFF files.